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Istanbul Aydin University (IAU)

It is not surprising to encounter the graduates of Istanbul Aydın University, which has taken the road with the slogan of “Towards a Bright Future”, at the brightest spots of business life. Istanbul Aydın University is a city and campus university located in the center of Istanbul with its experienced academic staff who have gained a reputation for their scientific studies in our country and in the world. The first thing that will engage your attention when you step on campus is the vitality of it. Istanbul Aydın University where you can experience an activity every hour of the day, is dominated by constant energy and mobility. Having succeeded many accomplishments in spite of being young, IAU prepares its students for their dream jobs by providing free career planning service to its students and alumni. You can find yourself starring in a movie, doing a research or singing along with somebody when you visit IAU that knows the importance of practical education besides theoretical education.

Software Engineering 

The mission of Software Engineering program is to educate responsible software engineers who embrace ethical values and life-long learning and can produce effective solutions by using engineering approach, carry out studies by establishing cooperation in domestic and abroad and thus contribute to the progress of the country and public welfare

Management Information Systems

The main purpose of our department is to train students who have management skills in producing, sharing and storing information that will improve information systems in businesses, preparing information systems that will cover all functions of the business, and managing these systems, who can adapt to today’s information technologies and can adapt to new technologies, …

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 Academic courses and Theoretical Ground Courses required by international standards for the Pilotage department will be carried out at our university. Flight Trainings will be carried out by our business partner “True Course Flight Academy” Authorized Flight School by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (SHGM). Graduating students will have Bachelor’s Degree from Department of Pilotage, and Airline Commercial Pilot Licence (ATPL-A) approved …

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Political Science and International Relations – Thesis

The program offers PhD candidates courses on political theory, comparative politics, international relations theory, foreign policy, Research Methods and Turkish politics and Turkish foreign policy. The PhD program is designed to provide the students with the necessary theoretical and conceptual knowledge and capability and to enable the successful Phd candidates to write and defend their …

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Software Engineering

The mission of software engineering program is to educate software engineers who can carry out studies by establishing cooperation in domestic and abroad and thus contribute to the development of the country and the society as well as to be able to produce effective solutions by using engineering approaches in the software life cycle, with …

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Our faculty is a modern and large institution providing education, research, and health services in a large campus area and its own university hospital in this area. It offers integrated medical education with 100 instructors who are experts in their fields. The state-of-the-art branch laboratories in the Basic Medical Sciences Laboratory complex are designed to …

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Our mission is to develop a physician’s notion which is comprising education, research and patient treatment activities in the field of dentistry, equipped with basic medical information, following all kinds of innovation with high level of application skills, focused on life-long learning and self-improvement, adopted ‘’primum non nocere’’ as a principle and ethical values; to …

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Business Administration – Non-thesis

Executive MBA Program is constituted to train the professional executives who are looking for perfect career. This program aims to provide required academic and analytical information infrastructure for the candidates who have a role as a leader in their companies. Executive MBA Program provides for the executives and candidates an efficient and interactive educational atmosphere …

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Business Administration – Thesis

Master’s Degree Program without thesis in Business Management for Business Manager is a 90 ECTS credit program with a duration of 1,5 academic years and with 3 30-ECTS semesters. THe medium of instruction for this program is English. The regular program consists of 10 courses of 30 local credits and a term Project. The institute, …

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Electrical and Electronic Engineering – Thesis

This program (in English) focuses on advanced level education for engineers for taking part in research and making contributions to research and development in the field of electrical and electronics engineering. It promotes research and development studies in the fundamental areas of electrical and electronics engineering such as communication, signal processing, automatic control, optics and …

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