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Why Turkiye

Turkiye, a country that occupies a unique geographic position, lying partly in Asia and partly in Europe.

Why Turkiye

Turkiye is one of the most preferred study destinations especially when it comes to Pakistani students mainly because of education quality, affordable price, cultural and religious similarity, wide use of English as medium of instruction, global recognition of degree and economical living. There are over 200 universities in Turkiye with a student population surpassing 8 million. With at least one university in every city, Turkiye is exactly a student-friendly country! Social clubs, sports teams and cultural events at every university bring together students and make distant geographies close. When you arrive in Turkiye you will understand that the most active points of the city are the places where students socialize! At all our partner Universities, you will experience a modern and convenient campus life, equipped with the latest technology. Thanks to the cafes, restaurants and libraries where the students hang out, the cities live 24 hours a day. A country which has hosted many deep-rooted civilizations in its territory for thousands of years is almost a mosaic of cultures! In this country where countless civilizations have been hosted, everyone is tolerant and respectful to each other offering international students a safe and peaceful environment.

  • One of the world's fastest growing economies offering top quality education with validity all across the world.
  • Nearly 60,000 different programme being offered at international level in 207 Turkish universities.
  • An opportunity to experience a mosaic of cultures which has hosted many deep-rooted civilizations for thousands of years.
  • Wide variety of scholarship opportunities available for international students in public/private sector universities.
  • Low tuition fee and affordable living as compared to UK, USA, Canada & Europe.

Weather in Turkiye

Of course, the weather depends on what part of Turkiye you will be visiting. It’s a huge country spanning across two continents with diverse topography. Turkiye's weather ranges from a desert-dry climate to sizzling hot summers to cold snowy winters.

Turkish Culture, Traditions & Diversity

Turkiye has a very diverse culture that is a blend of various elements of the Oğuz Turkic and Anatolian, Ottoman (which was itself a continuation of both Greco-Roman and Islamic cultures), and Western culture and traditions which started with the Westernization of the Ottoman Empire and continues today. Turkiye has diverse topography, politics, and culture. Therefore, as an example of diversity, you may cross a woman in little black dress and then turn the corner to find another woman with everything covered but her eyes. When deciding what to wear in Turkiye, bring both conservative clothes for when you notice a change in culture and don’t want to stand out, and your more “summery” clothes for parts of Turkiye where you feel more comfortable.
Although Turkish cuisine is known for being meat-heavy, most local restaurants carry a wide variety of vegetarian options. Some offer zeytinyagli dishes, which are vegetables in olive oil. Almost all the restaurants have vegetarian-friendly meals including salads, hummus etc. As you head towards the historic neighborhoods of Istanbul or to smaller towns in Turkiye, be prepared to drink several cups of tea every day. The avid tea drinkers that they are, shopkeepers will interrupt your shopping spree by offering tea. When visiting a Turkish household, the host will most likely offer a freshly-brewed cup as well. This is sign of friendship and hospitality.

English is NOT widely spoken in Turkiye. Memorizing a few Turkish words are essential. Free-roaming cats and dogs are found everywhere – from the doorstep of Starbucks to luxurious beaches on the Mediterranean coast. They are mostly taken care of by the locals and are quite friendly, so there is no need to fear them. There is even a statue of Tombili – a famous street cat that died in 2016 – in Istanbul. Turkiye is very strict about drug use. There is no leniency when it comes to using or selling drugs within the country, although smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol is acceptable. It’s easy getting around Turkiye. If you’re on a super budget but have lots of time on your hands you can take buses which are about $10-$20 each way. This is likely the best way to travel because you’ll save time and energy.

Advantages of Studying in Turkiye

  • Studying in Turkiye offers you the chance to acquire a degree from the 2nd fastest developing economy in the world.
  • Numerous best universities in Turkiye are open for International Students & they offer English Medium.
  • Turkiye position among the G-20 countries attractions a rolling graph in the world politics also the economy.
  • With a rising reputation, Turkiye has inspiring economic & political openings for the new developing markets.
  • Turkiye is one of the best countries who have advanced their sight-seeing industry very well. They take extremely good care of their Universities.

Turkish Universities Provide You

  • High-level standards of education
  • Internationally recognized degrees
  • Modern campuses with exceptional amenities
  • Cultural multiplicity
  • Safe & reasonable education
  • A warm & friendly atmosphere