AWM Educational Enterprise

English Language and Literature

The department of English Language and Literature provides advanced education in English Language and Literature by presenting students with contemporary methods, comparative approaches and universal perspectives in linguistics and literary studies. Our Master’s Degree program at the Social Sciences Institute at Istanbul Aydın University aims at encouraging students in acquiring critical thinking, persuasive communicative skills and a sophisticated perspective on English language and literature. The department accepts students with a bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature or other (un)related fields as long as they demonstrate English proficiency. Ones who do not qualify need to take no-credits preparatory courses at the bachelor’s degree level for at least one semester that will not count towards their Master’s degree. A total of at least 24 local credits and at least 8 courses and a seminar constitute the course work of 60 ECTS required for a master’s degree program with thesis . A thesis of 60 ECTS credits is required for the completion of this 120 ECTS program.