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Yasar University

Yaşar University was founded in 2001 in İzmir by Selçuk Yaşar Sports and Education Foundation with the mission of adopting a culture, art and design culture and producing education, research and services that contribute to the development of the local and global community. Yasar University is a world-class university dedicated to designing and redefining the future.


The PhD program in Finance aims to satisfy the needs of both the academic world and the capital markets for highly-qualified researchers and managers.The program primarily aims to provide students necessary academic background and skills to conduct independent and original research in the field of finance. Our students obtain analytical and empirical background and skills …

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Industrial Engineering

The Industrial Engineering Department of Yaşar University aims to provide an education for those who will be working at global teaching and research institutions such as universities, R&D departments of organizations, national and international science foundations, etc. We promote interdisciplinary work and education with our flexible curriculum and strong academic staff.

Proficieny in Art

The aim of the program is to gather “Art and Design” under a single roof and also training artists who are using other disciplines of art for the creation process, while specializing in one of them, but also training those artists to be able to create academic studies within that creation process, using the relevant …

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Computer Engineering

The main objective of the PhD Program in Computer Engineering is to provide doctoral students with the environment which will let them work independently and produce leading the scientific contributions. Prominent areas of study in the department is cyber security, cryptography, image processing, data mining, pattern recognition, optimization, network technologies and network safety.

Logistics Engineering

The Logistics Engineering program prepares students for a career in the logistics and supply chain management industry by doing extensive research in adittion to applying engineering concepts and tools to model, analyze, design, and implement a logistics system. The students will be able to address emerging challenges in the logistics industry with respect to design …

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Logistics Engineering

Logistics Management and Industrial Engineering departments provide training at various levels on various topics within the field. The Master’s program in Logistics Engineering will be opened under the fields of International Logistics Management and Industrial Engineering to train individuals equipped with the necessary methods and software skills in transportation, storage, planning of procedures, implementation and …

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Artificial Intelligence Engineering

The MSc Artificial Intelligence program shall enable the students to learn essential theoretical knowledge and learn marketable skills in Artificial Intelligence. This program offers courses to understand core concepts of machine learning as well as specialized courses to train students with state-of-the-art skills in Artificial Intelligence and also teach them how to apply it in …

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Industrial Engineering

In the Industrial Engineering Department of Yaşar University, we are committed to train and educate the human resources with the qualifications required by the above sectors. We aim to provide an education for those who will be working at global teaching and research institutions such as universities, R&D departments of organizations, national and international science …

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Business Administration

Business Administration Doctoral Program is designed to develop research culture, and workable management approach in national and also international level by conveying modern management practices and theoretical approaches in the business world where the competition is growing rapidly. One of the main priorities of the program is by synthesizing scientific knowledge and research culture to …

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The program aims to cultivate scholars who formulate and conduct original scientific research in the field of Architecture and sub-research areas such as History of Architecture, Theory and Criticism, Cultural Studies, Environmental Control and Building Technology, Building Information, Urban Design. The target of the program is to provide students with basic theoretical approaches and accumulation …

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