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Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus is the first overseas campus of a Turkish university, located at the Güzelyurt district of North Cyprus. METU provides yet another opportunity to study at a high-ranking university that prepares new generations of leaders who possess a global mindset. METU Northern Cyprus Campus has received many awards recognizing its architecture. Set in extensive greenery, it combines a peaceful living environment, enriched by aesthetic qualities of its landscape, with state-of-the-art learning, teaching and research facilities. Conveniently located 5 km from the town of Güzelyurt, the Campus is adjacent to a valley, full of citrus orchards which extend up to the Trodos Mountains in the south of Cyprus.

Master of Science (MS) in Sustainable Environment and Energy Systems (SEES)

METU NCC offers an exceptional graduate education experience with a high faculty-to-student ratio, excellence in teaching and a commitment to cutting-edge research. With major research and development programs in energy and water resources, environmental audits and ecosystem preservation, classrooms and laboratories are designed and equipped to provide an effective interdisciplinary and collaborative research environment.

Master of Science (MS) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE)

To excel in advanced research and education of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) particularly in the areas of Telecommunications, Embedded Systems and Power Systems; and to graduate engineering professionals and researchers, who produce high quality designs and innovations in related fields using state of the art knowledge, technology, and professional design tools.

Master of Science (MS) in Computer Engineering (CNG)

The mission of the Master of Computer Engineering program at METU NCC is to educate future computer scientists and engineers by enhancing the knowledge of computing with research, theory and practice and by advancing the community and society with technological advances in computer science and engineering.

Master of Science (MS) in Mechanical Engineering (MECH)

The mission of the Master of Science Program in Mechanical Engineering is to train graduates of related undergraduate programs in a more advanced way, taking into account the needs of new technologies, emerging research fields, industry and society, and deepening them in a particular field.

BSc Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The purpose of the METU NCC EEE Program is to provide a contemporary education opportunity in every field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Students, both national and international, will become engineering professionals with recognized research and leadership abilities, working creatively and effectively, and adhering to life-long learning principles.

BSc Industrial Engineering

The METU Northern Cyprus Campus Industrial Engineering Undergraduate Program aims to produce graduates equipped with skills that allow them to have a successful career in industrial engineering research and practice in a wide spectrum of organizations, to bring a problem-solving mindset to any challenge in the workplace, to demonstrate a pioneering spirit for system design …

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BSc Mechanical Engineering

The mission of METU Northern Cyprus Campus Mechanical Engineering Program is to educate innovative engineers who are well-armed with universal knowledge and skills, committed to lifelong learning and well-equipped with the expertise necessary to meet present and future needs of the industry and the world of technology.

BSc Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering

Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering Program at the METU – NCC provides modern education to help students gain strong background in the fundamentals of petroleum and natural gas engineering. Besides enhancement of their scientific and technical knowledge and engineering skills, students are urged to learn how to find solutions for national, international, social and environmental …

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BSc Software Engineering

The Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus Software Engineering Program aims to teach, produce and disseminate theory, principles, practices and technical know-how regarding the development, design and production of human and community-oriented software and systems based on engineering principles and the critical analysis and evaluation of their life-cycle processes.

BSc Economics

We combine contemporary economics curriculum of world-wide pioneering universities. We aim to teach theoretical and applied economics (through mathematical models and statistical methods as extensively and efficiently as possible. We enforce our technical strength and advantage in economics education by accommodating a good deal of historical and institutional approaches within a pluralist and functional context.