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Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus is the first overseas campus of a Turkish university, located at the Güzelyurt district of North Cyprus. METU provides yet another opportunity to study at a high-ranking university that prepares new generations of leaders who possess a global mindset. METU Northern Cyprus Campus has received many awards recognizing its architecture. Set in extensive greenery, it combines a peaceful living environment, enriched by aesthetic qualities of its landscape, with state-of-the-art learning, teaching and research facilities. Conveniently located 5 km from the town of Güzelyurt, the Campus is adjacent to a valley, full of citrus orchards which extend up to the Trodos Mountains in the south of Cyprus.

BSc Civil Engineering

The goal of the METU NCC Civil Engineering Program is to educate future engineers who can apply basic science in the analysis of complex civil engineering problems, who are competent in oral and written communication, and who can co-operate with disciplines other than engineering. The METU NCC Civil Engineering curriculum has been designed and based …

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BSc Economics

We combine contemporary economics curriculum of world-wide pioneering universities. We aim to teach theoretical and applied economics (through mathematical models and statistical methods as extensively and efficiently as possible. We enforce our technical strength and advantage in economics education by accommodating a good deal of historical and institutional approaches within a pluralist and functional context.

BA Psychology

The psychology curriculum at METU Northern Cyprus Campus introduces most, if not all, areas of psychology to students such as developmental, social, experimental, clinical, health, cognitive psychology. It reflects both the necessities of a contemporary training in psychology at bachelor’s level and highlights importance of research by embedding knowledge-producing methods in all subjects in which …

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BSc Aerospace Engineering

The Aerospace Engineering Program of the Northern Cyprus Campus provides students with a variety of courses that build up their understanding of flight dynamics, flight propulsion, structural mechanics, aerospace design, flight and system controls, system test and evaluation, space technologies and many other related topics. With our highly qualified faculty, we aim to adopt the …

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BSc Computer Engineering

The goal of the Computer Engineering Program at Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus is to teach, produce and disseminate theory, principles, practice and know-how of computing for the critical analysis, design, evaluation, and improvement of computer-based systems in the contexts of computers and man, computers and the society, computers and the industry and …

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BSc Business Administration

METU NCC Business Administration prepare their students for careers in management by giving them a very wide ranging education. The curriculums have been designed to ensure that students are provided solid foundations in all of the functional areas of Business Administration, as well as, the basics of other economic and administrative sciences. This program provides …

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