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Acibadem University

In the whole history of modern society the concept university was understood as the cradle of knowledge, aplace of wisdom, and a workshop of humanity. However, only the application of true wisdom on the acquired knowledge and decision patterns could secure the happiness and the future of people.Therefore, the goal of Istanbul Medipol University staff is to “pave the path” towards gaining wisdom for all its students. To achieve this, IMU has adapted an innovative learning and teaching model and has created a real “knowledgesociety” of successful academicians. Each member of our faculty is committed to train their students according to the real world conditions and to help them acquire the information and skills they will needfor a bright career for a brighter future. Informational technologies are extensively used in the education process. Students’ facilitated access to the multimedia libraries, as well as their training in multiplex and computer classrooms with state-of-the-art equipment increase the quality of education and research.

Biomedical Engineering

The Department of Biomedical Engineering works in direct collaboration with CASE. This center, which is a virtual hospital setting, features many of the medical equipment used in hospitals as well as medical simulators

Pharmacy (BPharm)

The mission of Acıbadem University Faculty of Pharmacy is to train pharmacists at international standards who have been well-educated, are creative, and dedicated to research and development. We aim for our graduate pharmacists to become highly sought after in every field of pharmaceutical sciences in medical industries and hospitals in Turkey and around the world. …

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Medical Engineering (BSc)

Medical Engineering is a branch of engineering which focuses on the development, production and efficient use of instruments and biomaterials used in diagnosis, treatment and research for problems faced by the healthcare sector. The Department of Medical Engineering is committed to train engineers who have the skills to be able to evaluate real problems and …

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Computer Engineering (BSc)

Acıbadem University Faculty of Engineering Department of Computer Engineering aims to pioneer the developments in the field of technology and especially the inventions based on big data. Our department offers a wide range of education and research opportunities that will provide future computer engineers with general big data science skills, as well as more specialized …

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Molecular Biology and Genetics (BSc)

Students are offered inter-disciplinary observation, research and practice opportunities thanks to the “Acıbadem Healthcare Group” companies, which are leaders in the healthcare sector in Turkey, the school of medicine, the vocational school of higher education, hospitals as well as its developed clinical laboratories including genetic, molecular genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, and stem cell laboratories. The Department …

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Nursing (BN)

The Department of Nursing of the Faculty of Health Sciences at Acıbadem University is committed to training qualified and competent manpower. Just as with all the education programs based on practice in other disciplines, theoretical knowledge and clinical experience are inseparable components which complement each other. The Kerem Aydınlar Campus is fully equipped with state …

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Nutrition and Dietetics (BMSc)

This department is committed to training dietitians who are guided by science in the preservation, development and sustainability of health. Our graduates will be able to combine applied education and academics with theory in order to maintain the standards required for a healthy lifestyle. Our graduating dietitians will promote, sustain and renew healthy eating habits …

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Acıbadem University, Department of Psychology aims to provide the highest level of educational opportunities to its students. In line with this purpose, our department has kept its education and training standards. In the upcoming years, our department aims to be among the prominent and prestigious psychology departments in our country, with its academic staff who …

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Medicine (M.D.)

The School of Medicine is located in Kerem Aydinlar Campus, which is one of the most developed science campuses in Turkey.The mission of the Faculty is to ensure young people from Turkey and around the world who choose to study medicine are nurtured to become universal physicians who are sensitive to the needs of the …

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