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Uskudar University

“Üsküdar University has been established officially with the Certificate of Incorporation, published in the Official Gazette, on the 3rd March, 2011.Üsküdar University is a city academy, residing at the heart of the largest metropolis in Europe, İstanbul. It consists of 5 seperate campuses, each dedicated to some scientific or professional field.Our aim is to ensure that our students from all over the world have access to the highest quality education and training services and to become a leading, ideal, universal university that adds value to regional development and ensure participation.
To provide education and training in line with the European Union and the global standards.

English Translation and Interpreting

With the globalization process gaining momentum, the importance of international communication has increased. Contacts with the world at large in the fields of international relations, economics, law and politics has increased the need for communication, and therefore for translation and interpretation. Our department aims to educate the students and equip them with necessary knowledge and …

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BS Psychology degree is designed to provide a biological rationale and the social perceptions for understanding the behavior of the individual during their lifetime. A degree in BS Psychology is one of the most popular choices at colleges and universities throughout the world.It is aimed to provide students with the theoretical and practical knowledge and …

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Bioengineers use engineering principles to solve problems in the life sciences, human health and medicine, and related industries. In our University, at the undergraduate level, the goal of bioengineering education is to instill a fundamental understanding of biology while developing core skills to design technologies relevant to human health and disease.


Our medical school curriculum is custom-made and one of the most challenging in the world with twice as many anatomy hours as other schools. The system is such that students are graded at the end of the year for their performance during the whole year instead of on a semester basis. The Medical School International …

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