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Uskudar University

“Üsküdar University has been established officially with the Certificate of Incorporation, published in the Official Gazette, on the 3rd March, 2011.Üsküdar University is a city academy, residing at the heart of the largest metropolis in Europe, İstanbul. It consists of 5 seperate campuses, each dedicated to some scientific or professional field.Our aim is to ensure that our students from all over the world have access to the highest quality education and training services and to become a leading, ideal, universal university that adds value to regional development and ensure participation.
To provide education and training in line with the European Union and the global standards.


Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary branch of science that focuses on the structure, function and development of the nervous systems. Traditionally included as a branch of biological sciences, neuroscience has become an independent and interdisciplinary field in which medicine, psychology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer engineering and several other scientific disciplines work together.


There is a need for high bioengineers in the research and development departments of organizations that concern human and environmental health. The aim of the Bioengineering (English) Master’s Degree Program is basically to provide the necessary knowledge to the individuals who will conduct research in a technological sense, to meet the need for qualified academic …

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Chemical Engineering

The aim of the Master’s Degree Program with Chemical Engineering Thesis is to train expert engineers, academicians, and scientists who have the qualifications to develop and implement processes in which the chemical structures, physical state, or energy contents of materials are changed. Chemical Engineering, a fertile engineering branch open to multi-faceted and interdisciplinary work, aims …

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Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is an engineering branch that is open to multidisciplinary studies, aims to meet the present and future needs of the society through the scientific environment offered to students, advanced courses and thesis studies. For this purpose, it is based on the basic principles and approaches of life and engineering sciences as well as …

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Computer Engineering

Given the advancing technology, developments in fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, brain computer interface studies, bioinformatics and data mining, increase the need for Computer Engineer experts with theoretical and practical knowledge.Given the advancing technology, developments in fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, brain computer interface studies, bioinformatics and data mining, increase the need for …

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Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is one of the most broadly-based engineering disciplines. Its field of practice covers the development, design, and control of processes and products that involve molecular change, both chemical and biological, and the operation of such processes. Because many of the products that sustain and improve life are produced by carefully designed and controlled …

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Computer Engineering

The Computer Engineering Department conducts various research in the field of computer sciences and engineering. Research studies about information systems focus on database systems, computer networks, computer graphics, distributed and scientific calculation, online learning, cryptography, and web programming.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Due to its leading role in the development and application of science and technology, Electrical-Electronics Engineering is one of the most rapidly changing and developing areas of engineering. Ranging from electromagnetic field theory to microwave circuit and antenna design, basic electrical circuit analysis methods to large-scale circuit design, digital system design to communication technologies, power …

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Software Engineering

The BS in Software Engineering degree will equip students with technical knowledge of the fundamentals of computer systems, programming languages, and the basic concepts of algorithms and data structures that are required to establish reliability and safety in software. The course emphasizes the development of professional skills in the technical area of software engineering, that …

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Industrial Engineering

The industrial engineering curriculum prepares engineers to design, improve, install, and operate the integrated systems of people, materials, and facilities needed by industry, commerce, and society. Industrial engineers solve problems which arise in the management of systems by applying the principles of engineering science, product and process design, work analysis, human factors principles, and operations …

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