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Istanbul Atlas University

Atlas University has completed its founding journey, which started in 2018, by accepting its first students in the 2020-2021 academic year and taking its strong place in the higher education system. Atlas Vadi Campus is at the service of studetns, valuable young people, with its area-specific laboratories, rich library, conference hall and equipped R&D centers that can host scientific research. In addition, Atlas offers you a modern campus life with large venues and facilities that allow social, cultural and sports activities. Istanbul Atlas University aims to contribute to the country and humanity in the process of building science, technology and finally a civilization with the opportunities and opportunities it offers. Education is the product of labor and accumulation with all its elements, just like the winging of sound that builds culture by first creating the word, then the sentence, and finally the language, or the numbers / symbols to produce scientific knowledge and technology by folding with formulas.


Atlas University Faculty of Dentistry offers full-fledged hospital, modern devices, equipped laboratories, clinics and application units, all designed according to the full isolation model (the system that transfers the air out of the infection hospitals and intensive care units with a negative pressure system and reduces the risk of infection) and application units to the …

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English Language and Literature

Thought, which is the product of the ability to think, which is one of the features that make people human, and the life that feeds it, is the raw material of literature. Each of the stories, novels and poems tells about the lives lived before us, human nature, emotions, pains, loves, dilemmas and indecisions. In …

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English Translation and Interpreting

English Translation and Interpreting Due to the undeniable importance and necessity of being a multilingual translator in our curriculum, which consists of language courses, field courses and interdisciplinary courses in our department, a second foreign language course other than English is also included for 8 semesters. Our students will have the opportunity to experience the …

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Istanbul Atlas University Department of Business Administration, It is an undergraduate department that trains professionals who can do quality work by adapting to the economic systems of large companies with the development of financial life and contributing to economic development. Istanbul Atlas University Department of Business Administration; It aims to train operators who can speak …

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Atlas University Department of Psychology aims to introduce students to the research and application areas of psychology and to prepare an environment where they can get to know and discuss people and their behaviors in many ways. From this point of view, the aim of the department is to train students with high reasoning skills …

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