AWM Educational Enterprise

Beykent University

As a university producing and improving knowledge and technology, and educating qualified individuals who will turn these into professional skills to be used for the benefit of the society, our mission is to enable our students to access the physical and technological infrastructures, a social environment, education and training programmes, and learning resources so that they will be professionals

New Media 

The Department of New Media aims to educate creative media specialists who are can use communication skills effectively, meet the needs of the modern communication era, and have knowledge about New Media.Students of the Department of New Media at our Faculty of Communication are given courses related to new communication tools (digital media, applications, etc.

Political Science and Public Administration

The Department of Political Science and Public Administration aims to educate investigative and disciplined prospective graduates with international qualifications and high communication skills who can comprehend political events.Throughout their studies, students are given the opportunity to put their acquired theoretical knowledge into practice at certain partner universities abroad.

Radio, Television and Cinema

The Department of Cinema and Television aims to educate creative, responsible, well-equipped and modern filmmakers who have acquired international qualifications and are able to use media technologies. In addition to the theoretical courses, students of the Department of Cinema and Television are also provided with the opportunity to develop themselves in the field of cinema and …

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Department of Sociology (English) aims to educate prospective graduates who can analyse the social processes, think investigatively, analytically and creatively, find solutions to social problems, and interpret both local and global developments. Medium of instruction at this Department is English.Research and curricular subjects of the Department of Sociology (English) include migration studies, radical political movements, …

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Translation and Interpreting

The Department of Translation and Interpreting (English) aims to educate prospective qualified translators who have strong speaking and writing skills, have a good command of the English and Turkish languages, are versed in not only the language but also the culture of the relevant countries, and can translate into/from another language in addition to English.

English Language and Literature 

The Department of English Language and Literature aims to educate prospective graduates who can speak English fluently, express themselves effectively in writing, show good command of the literature and traditions of the English-speaking countries, and interpret the English language.Students of this 4-year programme can also take German classes up to the advanced level. If they …

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The Department of Economics aims to educate prospective economists who have acquired a scientific discipline in economics, know how to use statistical techniques, think analytically, grasp cause and effect relationships, and follow current developments.

Economics and Finance

Graduates of the Programme can work in relevant public institutions, at universities’ Department of Economics, and the relevant departments in the private sector. Many business institutions, public and private organisations, and banks prefer to employ those who hold an Economics Master’s Degree.

English Language and Literature (Thesis)

Language proficiency combined with a critical and analytical thinking mind are golden keys to a variety of careers for the postgraduates of the English Department. Among these careers: foreign language teaching at schools and higher Institutions of Education, translation careers in a variety of sites such as notary offices, media centers, public offices, embassies and …

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Business Management (English) Non-Thesis

Graduates of the Programme can work as a manager in various management departments of public or private organisations in manufacturing and service businesses.  Stakeholders interacting with the Department of Business Administration can be summarised as private institutions and organisations, various public institutions, organisations, universities, research institutions, and institutes of ministries.