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KOC University

Since its establishment, Koç University has emerged as a center of global excellence in science and education and is uniquely positioned to explore the overlaps of Medicine, Engineering, Science, Social Sciences and Administrative Sciences to further pursue basic and applied research and attract the best students and faculty members.

PhD in Industrial Engineering and Operations Management

The affiliated faculty members come from the Industrial Engineering department of the College of Engineering, the Operations and Information Systems group of the College of Administrative Sciences and Economics, and other related fields. Our research areas are diverse, including Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Service Operations, Production Systems, Stochastic Processes, Financial Engineering, Mathematical Programming, Data Mining …

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PhD in Materials Science and Engineering

The PhD program in Material Science & Engineering at Koç University is an interdisciplinary program with the objective of giving the students the fundamental physical and chemical knowledge.

PhD in Mathematics

The department of Mathematics offers graduate courses leading to Ph.D. degree in Mathematics. The department emphasizes both pure and applied mathematics. Research in the department covers algebra, algebraic geometry, number theory, functional analysis, differential geometry, differential equations, combinatorics, topology, biomathematics, statistics, probability, stochastic analysis and mathematical physics.

PhD in Mechanical Engineering

Innovation in product design and manufacturing has become a major driver for industrial competitiveness and profitability in recent years. As enabling technologies become more easily accessible, engineers are faced with increasing demands for designing and producing more complex mechanical devices to serve the needs of the society. Next generation engineering products will be ‘smart’ with …

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PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics

Koç University’s Molecular Biology and Genetics Masters Program succeeds in providing broad and deep education in the biological sciences. The Molecular Biology and Genetics Masters Program offers advanced cell and molecular biology and genetics courses as well as electives in areas, such as cancer biology, neuroscience, and bioinformatics. Students in the Molecular Biology and Genetics …

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PhD in Physics

Our department has both theoretical and experimental research activities. Quantum information theory, gravitation, and condensed matter physics are among our theoretical research interests. On the experimental research side, we have three advanced laboratories where we focus on solid state lasers, optoelectronic and nano-photonic materials and devices.

PhD in Medical Physiology

Gap in the literature in neuromuscular physiology: Since it is difficult to study the functions of the neuromuscular system in human subjects, most of our knowledge comes from studies on experimental animals. However, since the animals are usually anaesthetized or decerebrated in these experiments, and since such reduction processes are known to alter the synaptic …

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PhD in Medical Microbiology

Medical Microbiology primarily deals with microorganisms which cause diseases in humans. The major working fields are the structures of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, growth properties of microorganisms, pathogenic strategies they enhanced, diagnostic approaches to infectious diseases and efficiency of antimicrobial agents used for therapy. For that purpose, morphological studies based on light microscope, fluorescent …

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PhD in Reproductive Medicine

The Graduate School of Heath Sciences of Koç University offers a 4-year PhD program in reproductive medicine, both of which aim to provide modern up-to-date biological research in the field of reproductive sciences at molecular and cellular levels in an inspiring, challenging and vibrant research atmosphere, at the interface between basic science and clinical patient …

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PhD in Immunology

With the Immunology PhD Program conducted by Koç University Graduate School of Health Sciences, it is aimed that students who will participate in this program will obtain detailed theoretical information about basic immunological mechanisms and use this information in the field of health. The aim of the program is to investigate the effect of immunological …

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