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Turkiye Welcomes You to Study in its Best Universities.



As it is a crucial time for all the students who want to apply for higher studies in abroad. Almost every one of you must be confused and would be unable to understand what to choose. But not to worry, here we are to help you find the easiest way to explore which university is best for you in Turkiye.


Why Turkiye?


Most of you would be curious to know why only Turkiye. Why not other countries? Well here are some interesting points that are going to attract you towards Turkiye and its education system.


·         It is a self-producing country which makes it more comfortable to rely on.


·         You will get a chance to experience the art and magnificent culture of Turkiye.


·         Its universities provide you with the best job opportunities


·         You can get an extensive amount of scholarship opportunities.


·         Most important of all, it has an affordable education system which makes the students more comfortable to get education 


 We have successfully forwarded many students who were interested to study in Turkiye.


Turkiye universities welcome you to gain knowledge with the best provided facilities, academically and co-circularly as it is on the top, among all the countries which provides authentic and affordable quality study.


Here you’ll get to know about the best universities in our panel, you’ll get to know about scholarships, eligibility criteria of different Turkish universities.




The universities are open to provide you the best education they can with highly qualified teachers and a safe environment classes. Admissions are open in most of the universities. So get more information and apply soon.





Almost all Turkish universities give you a splendid amount of scholarships within the tenure of your program. You may get a scholarship of up to 50-100% according to your merit. These scholarships allow you to get your education without any worries.





A lot of you must be curious to know about the eligibility criteria to enter any university in Istanbul. You can have ordinary grades and can still have an admission in university in Turkiye. About 60% of the marks are needed to enter Turkiye universities. Also the minimum criteria of admission for O/A level students are 3 Ds and 3 Cs in some universities. So it’s a win win!


Renowned International Universities in Turkiye:                     


The following listed below are the best private universities in Turkiye and available on AWM’s panel;


1.KOÇ University


2.Acibadem University


3.Atlas University


4.Bahcesehir University, Cyprus Campus


5.Bahcesehir University ,Istanbul Campus


6.Beykoz University


7.Cyprus Science University


8.Dogus University


9.Fenerbahce University


10.Halic University


11.Isik University


12.Istanbul Arel University


13.Istanbul Aydin University


14.Istanbul Gelisim University


15.Izmir University of Economics


16.Medipol University


17.Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus


18.Uskudar University


19.Yasar University


20.Yeditepe University


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