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Spring 2023 Applications Open. APPLY NOW

For many years, AWM has been an institution where individuals come to seek help and grow. AWM has helped plenty of students to get an authentic experience in the world of education. It has helped students to Study in Turkiye in a very comfortable way, be it a student of Undergraduate or Graduate.

Therefore, AWM is here again to help Graduate students to study in Turkiye as the Spring session of 2023 is about to begin.

The applications will open soon and AWM is here to guide you and help you through your application process.

Some esteemed Universities that are on AWM’s panel are as under:

1. Koc University

Considered the top most university in Turkey, Koc has more than 50 undergraduate and graduate courses. Its Business and Medicine faculties and degrees are considered the best across Turkey with an employability rate of 98% within six months of graduation. 

2. Halic University

Located in central Istanbul, Halic University is best known for its Social Sciences faculty and many Pakistani students went to this university through us. With the majority of its programs offered in English, Halic University was one of the top Universities with the highest number of enrollments from our side.

3. Izmir University of Economics

Based in Izmir, the 3rs safest city in the world, Izmir University of Economics is very popular for female students as it provides on-campus accommodation, Its Accounting and Finance degrees are well-known across Turkey. Also, it is the only University that provides graduate degrees in the field of Sustainable Energy. 

4. Bahcesehir University (BAU), Istanbul

With more than 80 programs in English across all levels, BAU Istanbul is located in the heart of Istanbul. Its modern, state-of-the-art campus, Erasmus, and Dual Up programs are the main reasons students enroll in BAU Istanbul.

5. Bahcesehir Cyprus University

BAU Cyprus is located in North Cyprus of the Turkish Republic of Noth Cyprus (TRNC). The university has more than 200 partner Universities around the globe. It is the only university across Turkey and North Cyprus that offers a Law degree in English.

7. Istanbul Aydin University (IAU)

Located in Istanbul, IAU is dominant in terms of its Medicine program. With over 50 student clubs, it also allows its students to have a comfortable, relaxed environment.

8. Uskudar University

Uskudar University is best known for its Psychology program. Located in Istanbul, Uskudar University is the first university that has been successful in implementing ‘Positive Psychology.’

9. Medipol University

As its name suggests, Medipol University is a top pick in Turkey and among international students when it comes to the Medicine program. It also has its own hospital where students practice along with their studies, and they have employment opportunities once they graduate.

All these universities provide promising students with scholarship opportunities of up to 100%. Don’t miss out on the chance of having a quality education with great future opportunities. 

Applications for Spring 2023 are OPEN NOW. You can submit your application online by using the following link:

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