AWM Educational Enterprise

International Relations

Master of Arts (M.A.) in International Relations is a two-year degree program focusing on the global processes challenging the conventional structure of international politics. The emergence of new security issues, global social movements, ecological problems, ethnic and religious conflicts, the rise of global corporations, global poverty and gender issues transform the field of international relations, which hitherto has been thought mainly as relations between nation-states. This M.A. program provides students with a broad interdisciplinary education to analyze the complexity of global politics. It is an academic program offering high quality training to those interested in pursuing a career in the academia, the government, in diplomacy, in the private sector, in international business, in journalism, in an international organization, or in a non-governmental organization both in Turkey and abroad. Classes are taught by academics who are experts in a wide range of fields. Classes are scheduled at evenings or weekends and taught entirely in English. Students are required to complete 21 credits (7 courses) and a non-credit seminar, as well as write a graduate thesis.