AWM Educational Enterprise

Business Administration

The basic purpose of the Department of Business at Nisantasi University is to share not only the business theory based on economics and finance but also sectoral experience and information with students during their whole education here. The education given at our department is not confined to the science and techniques of business only, but it is also an interdisciplinary and multidimensional education comprising the other related and necessary fields. The Department of Business brings together the modern practical experiences of the work life with the universal practical information of the universities. We consider it as our basic duty to train our students as graduates qualified and eligible to work at different levels of multinational or national companies and to set up and manage their own firms. For this purpose, our academic program is composed of courses targeted at developing our students’ intellectual levels, shaping their competencies as a manager and leader, improving their multicultural effectiveness, and offering rich sub-specialty fields fitting their field and sector of interest.