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Coaching Training

The department was established with an understanding to provide education in international standards and it aims to educate individuals who have high skills and competence to serve in performance sports and mass sports, who give importance to the need for change and development, who can question, produce, conduct research and lead as coaches to improve …

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Biomedical Engineering

The Department of Biomedical Engineering works in direct collaboration with CASE. This center, which is a virtual hospital setting, features many of the medical equipment used in hospitals as well as medical simulators

Translation and interpretation

The aim of our department is to train intercultural communication specialist translators who have high level linguistic, cultural, textual skills, research awareness, special field and world knowledge, ethical values of the profession and know the national / international translation sector in the Turkish-English language-culture pair.

Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering department  aims to train engineers in the design, production, testing, research and development, maintenance and repair of aircraft, aircraft engines, helicopters and all kinds of manned and unmanned vehicles in air and space.

Digital Microchip Design & Verification

This unique programme aims to give hands-on practice in Digital ıc Design & Verification. it starts with the essentials of digital ıc design and verification and continues by teaching entry, advanced and expert-level VHDL.

Management Information Systems

The main purpose of our department is to train students who have management skills in producing, sharing and storing information that will improve information systems in businesses, preparing information systems that will cover all functions of the business, and managing these systems, who can adapt to today’s information technologies and can adapt to new technologies, …

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Political Science And International Relations

The Department of Political Science and International Relations has been established within the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences of Istanbul Gelişim University for the purpose of internationalization in education, with the aim of raising awareness-raising professionals with a quality, innovative and competitive education approach.

Educational Technology

Educational Technology Master’s Program at Bahçeşehir University will teach you to integrate theory, research, creativity, and problem-solving skills with a variety of emerging technologies in order to improve performance in diverse contexts including educational institutions and corporate training classrooms


 Academic courses and Theoretical Ground Courses required by international standards for the Pilotage department will be carried out at our university. Flight Trainings will be carried out by our business partner “True Course Flight Academy” Authorized Flight School by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (SHGM). Graduating students will have Bachelor’s Degree from Department of Pilotage, and Airline Commercial Pilot Licence (ATPL-A) approved …

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The PhD program aims to develop students into scientists who can pursue original and creative research activities.