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Graphic Design is the field where all visual products of communication are designed. The need for graphic design in new media and business areas of the developing age is increasing day by day. Graphic designer is the person who designs the visual problems of communication by investigating and questioning. Applied studies in all areas of …

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Business Administration

The philosophy of the MBA program is based on facilitating scientific and vocational training of next generation managers who have a global vision in Turkey whose integration with the world will gain a momentum in the 21st century. Doguş University is looking for candidates who are adaptable, responsible, creative, and interested in the business world. …

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The science of psychology is concerned with the human mind, one of the most complex substances of the nature. Efforts to understand this unique existence is still continuing intensively across the world. The programs of the Department of Psychology are designed to enable graduates to carry out theoretical and applied researches. In accordance with this …

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Business Administration

The business administration department aims at educating candidate managers who are analytical, interpretive, informative and practical that secures viability and prosperity of companies. The courses that are shaped by the perspectives of select domestic and international universities’ programs, professionals in the business world and our graduates are based on dynamism and are subject to an …

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The Ph.D. degree in philosophy is designed to develop an advanced understanding of philosophical problems, especially those in contemporary analytic philosophy and the history of philosophy. In addition, the degree prepares and guides each candidate through the writing of a thesis, which represents a substantial and original scholarly contribution to philosophy.

International Relation

The International Relations discipline are carefully studied in our department. This demonstrates the multidisciplinary academic approach and expertise in our department. Our department, one of the leading International Relations departments of our country, maintains and develops this feature continuously. Our students come to our department from various parts of the world and our faculty members …

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International trade and Business

The aim is to meet the needs of the business world at home and abroad, by training individuals who are equipped with a strong theoretical infrastructure in international trade, business, logistics, finance and, “Chinese” as a second foreign language, to contribute to the country’s economic development. For this purpose, a team consisting of young and …

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English Language and Literature

Department offers courses in the fields and periods of English literature, text analysis, criticism, American literature, and comparative literature. Critical Thinking, Linguistics and Translation Studies are other courses that are part of our curriculum. Globalization has brought with it the understanding and analysis of different cultures. Perceiving this necessity as raising awareness about “English” literature …

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Besides the fact that everybody lives the deep reaching and containing effects of economics, its impact on the direction and the pace of the progress of other professions, it is only the students of economics that who can conceive and shed light on governing principles of economics. Therefore, it is under the guide of these …

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Industrial Engineering

Raising industrial engineers who are creative, innovative, leader, with team spirit and independent thinking ability, believe in lifelong learning, and contribute knowledge and skills to the development of the environment, nation and humanity. Aware of the fact that conducting education/training independently of the research will be far from the activity, it has academic staff who …

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