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About Istanbul Medipol University

Istanbul Medipol University was founded in 2009. Istanbul Medipol University is among the most preferred universities by foreign students with approximately 30,676 students and foreign students from 63 different countries, primarily interested in the university’s Medicine program. Medipol University carries out education on Haliç and Kavacık campuses in İstanbul, the metropolitan city of Turkey. Internships and some applied classes for the students are carried out at Medipol University Hospital in Bağcılar, which is one of the biggest private hospitals in Turkey.

Why Istanbul Medipol University?

  • 1,026 academicians
  • 115 student clubs
  • 2830 international students from 81 different countries
  • 36,506 students
  • 15 Application and Research Centres

Schools at Istanbul Medipol University

Undergraduate Schools

Graduate Schools

Fee Structure

  • Undergraduate Programmes: $4.080 – $35.000 per year  
  • Graduate Programmes: $3000-$6000


Istanbul Medipol University dormitories were designed with a capacity of 2400 students for the 2019-2020 academic year. There are desks, bookshelves, and lockers for each student as well as encrypted wardrobes in the rooms. The rooms have a shower, WC, and a mini fridge.

Wi-Fi service is provided. The dormitory has its own refectory, mini kitchen, fitness center and cafeteria. There are rooms located on the ground floor to study courses.

Applications for FALL 2023 are OPEN NOW. You can submit your application online by using the following link:

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