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Istanbul: a beginner’s guide to exploring one’s of the grandest cities of the world!

Engage with History: Visit the famous Sultan Ahmet Mosque located in Old Istanbul. And while you have set foot touring the city, don’t miss out on the opportunity of visiting the Hagia Sofia Mosque that stands witness to various civilizations that lived in Istanbul.

Located just within a few meters is also the famous Top Kapi Palace Museum, where you can see the grandeur of the Ottoman Sultans and also visit the famous Harems. Stroll through the Sultan Ahmet Square and enjoy local delights such as roasted chestnuts ( Kestane Kebap), chocolate layered Buns ( Simits) or maybe dine at a Turkish restaurant and enjoy some delightful Çorba ( soup) and Turkish Doner.

There is a  tram that runs alongside the square that you can hop on to visit the famous Grand Bazar (Kapalı Çarşisi) or travel to Eminonu, take a ferry boat and enjoy the light breeze on the Bosphrous.

To be continued…